Getting your home sold faster and for more money.


It takes planning, preparation, and presentation.


Our checklists and systems, developed and refined for over 20 years and from hundreds of home sale transactions, will provide you with the security that you desire.

When you choose Real Broker, LLC as your Listing Partner, you will benefit from our world-class marketing systems that go far and above the services that are provided by those other brokerages.

Our Preparation, Marketing, and Negotiations Packages are designed to give you the best possible return:

Features To Enhance Your Home's Perceived Value to a BuyerServices that we provide for every 1% listingServices that we provide for every 1.5% listingServices that we provide for every 2.5% listing
Research chain of title to search for any unanticipated liens
Preliminary inspection to identify potential changes to make property more market-ready
Pre-inspection to identify inspection objection potential buyer objections
Provide detailed pricing strategy on home's value based on market characteristics
Initial staging consultation
Professional stager consultation
Targeted demographic marketing consultation and analysis
Install secure electronic lockbox with random codes
Install signage
Provide photo-ready cleaning
Hire professional real estate photographer
Drone photography if appropriate
Produce interactive floor plan
Produce a virtual tour using HDR images
Create feature cards to highlight specific features of your property
Provide Home Warranty coverage while listed
Single property website for enhanced descriptions
Professionally designed marketing materials
Coming Soon preview ads to websites of 700 Real Broker, LLC agents
Syndicate listing to all major real estate websites
Targeted marketing to potential buyers
Notify our professional and personal networks of the listing
Utilize MLS reverse prospecting to notify agents with buyers looking for a home like yours
Cross reference features with wants-and-needs from registered home seekers
Promptly contact all leads with home's details and availability
Produce narrated video walkthrough
Narrated video published to YouTube
Consistent social media advertising
Open houses if desired
Restrict showings by appointment only
Personally solicit feedback after each showing
Provide timely updates on the our progress
Monitor market conditions and inventory to update pricing strategies
Full time transaction coordination
Certified Negotiation Expert working for you to negotiate best terms and conditions favoring you
This is only the start. Once we have received purchase offers, I have a separate table of 41 additional services that we perform for you to get us through the counteroffer, contract, and inspection phases. We will go over that list when we meet.

Are we a discount brokerage?

That really depends on your perspective.  The term "discount brokerage" has had negative connotations within the overall real estate industry.  But things are changing.  Our fees are based on the extent of the preparation and the marketing that we agree to provide for you.

We have simply found that some sellers do not need as many services as others.

The vast majority of our sellers are satisfied with the 1% or 1.5% plan.

Every one of our plans includes more seller services than any of the so-called discount brokerages out there.

Not only that, but we also include more standard services than the traditional "big-name" brokerages who try to convince you that their size makes them "full service".

Give us a call or send us a text if you would like to discuss selling your home, even if you're not planning on doing it right away.

(720) 277-9001

Would you like a detailed market analysis relating to your home?  If so, please fill out the form at this link.

What would be more important to you, the highest selling price, or a reasonable agent's commission based on the services provided?     What if you could get both?

We are full-time agents with repeatable systems and checklists in place to assure a smooth transaction every time.

We are available for you, when you need us. We attend all Inspections and Negotiations.

The average 6% agent does 4 transactions per year and grosses about $48k.  But, out of that $48,000, 40% goes to his brokerage management.  He gets to keep $28,800 before deductions for taxes and personal expenses.

Why does he only do 4 per year?  Answer, because he needs another job to support his family, and sellers would be foolish to pay 6% to a part time agent who can’t give full attention to the home preparation, marketing, and the transaction.

Do you want an agent who will only return your call after he gets off work?  Or do you want an agent who is there whenever you need him?  That's kind of an important decision during inspections and negotiations, especially when dealing with perhaps your most valuable financial asset.

Homebot: An intelligent way to monitor your home's market value

The housing market is changing rapidly. Home values have been going up due to increased demand by homebuyers. But the increases have been tempered by the rise in interest rates, so the valuations have become a moving target.  Our affiliation with Homebot can provide you with a monthly update on your home's approximate valuation as well as other pertinent information updates relating to your home.  It's free, there is no obligation, and we won't call you unless you contact us first.It's always interesting to know what the current market value of your home is, even if you have no intent to sell immediately.

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Homebot: An intelligent way to monitor your home's market value

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