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Hi %%name%%,
My name is Jerry Downer, and I’m a Realtor with REAL BROKER, LLC.  I’ve lived in this western part of Centennial since 2006.  I’ve also been selling real estate in this area here for about that same time.
I’ve been helping my neighbors keep abreast of their home values by sending out these and similar market reports so that they could have a pretty good idea about what the neighborhood homes have been selling for.
I have been fortunate enough to have represented some of them in the sale of their homes when they felt that the time was right.  
I may have also helped some of your current neighbors move into the neighborhood, too.
If you ever consider selling your home our periodic neighborhood report can provide you with some of the detail that you might need in order to make a reasonably smart decision.  It’s also nice to work with someone who lives nearby.
Unlike most home valuation websites, this Homebeat report does not artificially place a numeric value on your home. It simply shows you what nearby homes have been listed at and subsequently sold for.  The actual non-emotional value of a home is what a motivated seller and a motivated buyer agree on.
I don’t know if we’ve ever met. I’m sure that we have probably passed each other at some time without knowing it, whether at King Soopers, Trader Joe, Whole Foods, Tony’s, or at Goodsen Rec Center.
As you probably know, there are plenty of websites that will estimate your home’s value. But in reality, those valuations are rarely accurate. Ultimately, knowing your home’s true value requires an understanding of the local market, regularly checking what homes around yours are being listed at, and most importantly what they sell for.
I think you’ll find this simple, recurring email to be valuable. If you don’t, you can unsubscribe at the bottom of any Homebeat email. You can even change the frequency, which I’ve set to monthly to get you started.
If you need anything from me, feel free to call, text, or email me.
Jerry Downer, Realtor
Real Broker, LLC
[email protected]
👋 Hi %%name%%,
As  your local Realtor, I am able to provide helpful home sales data for my neighbors.  This is an example of that information. This monthly Homebeat report is a great way to quickly compare your home to those that have recently been on the market.
Allow me to be your real estate resource.

Serious about selling?  Interview Jerry Downer…You’ll be glad you did.

Jerry Downer
Real Broker LLC
[email protected]