Getting you to the best closing ever


FeatureAll plans
For each offer received, perform the following actions (01-10):
01-Carefully read offer, summarize on worksheet
02-Notify seller of important points
03-Send pdf copy of offer to seller
04-Contact lender for each offer. We will verify the buyer's financing as well as the lender's reputation.
05-At offer deadline time, review all offers with seller
06-Select best offers for counteroffer negotiation
07-Prepare counteroffer emails (not on DORA form)
08-Contact each buyer agent, tell them we are negotiating with him/her as well as others
09-Start negotiating price, concessions, fees, dates, inclusions, exclusions, post-closing occupancy, and anything else of significance. We will use our negotiating expertise to get the best price and terms for you.
10-When agreement reached, send counter and get signatures
Offer selected. Begin Under Contract phase with selected buyer.
11-Open Escrow if not already open
12-Update status in MLS, accepting backups
13-Update CTM to allow Buyer's agent access to disclosures
14-If offer included MEC dates, get Amend/Extend for actual dates
15-Start deadline tracking
16-Review deadlines with seller
17-Make certain that seller knows what to expect during this phase
18-Check with Buyer's agent to make sure that buyers are aware of loan fraud
19-Order Title and Escrow
20-Prepare package for Appraiser
21-Contact Buyer's Lender and start tracking loan progress
22-Prepare for Inspections and Appraisal
23-Receive and review any Inspection Objection report with seller
24-Negotiate Inspection Objection Resolution. We will provide strategic as well as tactical recommendations on negotiating the inspection objection items.
25-Meet the Appraiser at the home and provide appraisal package
26-Continue monitoring buyers loan progress
27-Monitor contingent items if any
28-Loan approval, conditions met
29-Receive Clear To Close
30-Wire Fraud reminder to both Seller and Buyer
31-Arrange final walkthru
32-Arrange remote closing if needed
33-Provide instructions to seller
34-Review Closing Disclosure with seller. Verify accuracy of all documents and contracts.
35-Bring entire file to Closing, and once again review the disclosures, documents, and contracts for your protection.
36-Provide full doc file to seller after Closing
37-Update MLS to reflect SOLD.
38-Create reminder for me to send settlement statement at tax time